Behind the scenes Photo Shoot

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So the talent scout started in the schoolyard - searching for mum's to model our collection.

Next stop was Gloria Jean's North Lakes for the fuel.

A relaxed 10am start at the studio - Tamsyn Riley Photography.

If you need a steamer people - Kmart for the win!!

The girls were like a production line, one in front of the camera and then run to change. It was hot and they did an amazing job.

We used minimal props but the cute clutch was from, are you ready for this .... Kmart!

The shoot was wrapped up by 2pm. Obviously all these pics were just taken by me and I can not wait to receive our photos and share with you!! What a wonderful day!!

Our aim at Vanilla Boutique is to bring you clothing that can be worn everyday - whether it's to school, lunch, work, weekends, bbq's, casual outings. We will update our stock regularly and majority of the time once we are sold out that will be it for that range.


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